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EMMAH MONEY: 2020 Australian of the Year, SA Local Hero, Princess of Possible, Cystic Fibrosis Advocate, Empowerment Speaker PETER DEMPSEY: I’mpossible Results, Inspirational keynote Speaker - find your strong of genius DANIEL KIRK: Sport Scientist, Mindset Coach and Co-Owner of NEXA High Performance Sport. Current member of the Australian Para-Athletics Team and former VFL & SANFL Footballer TIM ALLAN

Director of Podcast Central, helping people tell their stories through podcasts and audiobooks PETER WILSON Managing Director of Determined2®, Founder of Immersion Therapy LOUIE DEMPSEY Caption Starlight of the Starlight foundation

SARAN CHAMBERLAIN Founder YESS SA - Young Stroke Success South Australia. Strong self advocate for my stroke rehab. Determined headstrong and not one to take no for an answer

DANIEL CALLEJA Creative Director of Visual Production Agency AARON JAY AMILLERI

Director / DJ & MC at That DJ Entertainment

Real Estate Advocate..

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