Back by popular demand, the wonderfully candid Emmah Evans is joining us again.

Hosted by CFSA EO Julia Langhrehr, Emmah will share her journey of pregnancy with CF, having to deal with her own health issues combined with pregnancy and then raising kids with the fear of the your own health constantly hanging over her head. 

Emmah is vigilant in her compliance with her CF treatment and at the age of 24 she fell pregnant naturally with her first baby.  After many discussion's with her medical team and her own research, Emmah felt there was not enough information or “positive real” stories about being a Mother with Cystic Fibrosis. This is when she began her page CF Mummy, a platform where she shares her pregnancy journey as well as life as a CF Mum.

Now a Mother of two Emmah has a new lease on life, a new reason for existence.

And with Orkambi now available and the advancement in Cystic Fibrosis treatment, Emmah is excited to be a positive role model within the CF community as she shares her story in Cystic Fibrosis, pregnancy and Motherhood.


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