Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Growing up we all have an idol, someone we look up too, someone we aspire to be like. If you are interested in something particular, like singing, you would naturally have a singer as your idol, or perhaps a favourite sport, you'd look up to a sportsman. This has always got me thinking, that as a child, whilst I had role models, the role model that would have been the most valuable to me, would have been seeing someone with Cystic Fibrosis, who was older than me and living their life to the fullest.

NOT living life to the fullest because they had an attitude that they were going to pass away, or that their CF was going to be a reason to fail, but simply that they were living a "normal" life and CF would definatley occasionally interrupt this, but it didn't stop them. As an early teen, this is a hard time emotionally for any preteen, so many hormones and so many changes, it is hard work let alone add having Cystic Fibrosis and he pressures this puts on you. I think many could relate that you get to an age where your not "old" but you are faced with some hardship and very confronting situations, year 11 for me was defntley this time for me. My lungs deteriorated, I was faced with school yard bullying and I had depression. This is just to name a few of the issues I was facing. I didn't see a way forward. I went into self destruct mode and with that my health suffered. Thank fully, during year 11, I was granted a Make A Wish and looking back, this was a definatley a new beginning for me. My health improved, my attitude changed and suddenly life was looking a lot more promising. I was able to plan for year 12 and then could genuinely see a foreseeable future. With many stories to tell, I will save these for another time... I have been super busy this past few months, getting up close and personal with some AMAZING and very inspiring Aussie CF'er's. Cystic Fibrosis people of all ages, yes that is right, ALL AGES who are living wonderful lives and achieving great things. Through speaking with these amazing people I have also come to learn that like EVERYONE, it hasn't always been a walk in the park. They have definatley been through some hard times, but what is inspiring is that despite the hurdles, they continue to keep going. Cystic Fibrosis has not defined one of these amazing people. It is apart of who they are but it is not WHO THEY ARE! Throughout the coming weeks, keep your eyes tuned, as I share with you my intimate conversations with these beautiful souls. It hasn't been easy for some, taking a walk down memory lane, but I am so grateful that they have trusted me in answering my questions. My vision with this is simply to share these stories of inspiration - to show other people around the CF community that CF doesn't define us. Most importantly, through sharing these, it shows that ANYTHING is possible! So if you are looking for some motivation this month, then please check out my posts as I share these stories !! FINALLY Again, a big thank you to all that have been involved. Thank you for trusting me and for opening up to me. I am so grateful to have created the March of #CFMUMMYSWARRIORS With so many wonderful CF'ers not just here in Australia but globally, I am excited to be able to share the stories of some pretty damn amazing individuals!! UPDATE: PROFILES ARE COMING IN MAY!

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